Fabric GSM Calculator (Grams Per Square Meter)

The formula of the Fabric GSM Calculator

The formula for calculating Fabric GSM (Grams Per Square Meter) is:



  • GSM is the Grams Per Square Meter
  • 𝑊W is the weight of the fabric sample in grams
  • 𝐿L is the length of the fabric sample in meters
  • 𝑊fabricWfabric​ is the width of the fabric sample in meters
Fabric GSM Calculator

Fabric GSM Calculator

Welcome to our Fabric GSM Calculator! Are you in the textile industry and need to calculate the Grams Per Square Meter (GSM) of your fabric? Look no further! Our user-friendly calculator simplifies the process, allowing you to obtain precise GSM values with ease.

Why Use Our Fabric GSM Calculator:

  • Accuracy: Our calculator employs a reliable formula to ensure accurate GSM calculations.
  • Convenience: Simply input the weight, length, and width of your fabric sample, and let the calculator handle the rest.
Fabric GSM Calculator
Calculate the Fabric GSM
  • Instant Results: Obtain GSM values instantly, saving you time and effort.
  • User-Friendly Interface: With clear input fields and colorful buttons, our calculator is intuitive and easy to use.
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How to Use:

  1. Input: Enter the weight of your fabric sample in grams, along with its length and width in meters.
  2. Calculate: Click the vibrant “Calculate GSM” button to generate the Grams Per Square Meter value.
  3. Results: Instantly view the calculated GSM below the input fields.
  4. Reset: Need to start over? Simply hit the refreshing “Reset” button to clear all fields and results.

Benefits of Knowing Fabric GSM:

Understanding the GSM of your fabric is crucial for various applications, including:

  • Quality Control: Ensure consistency and quality across fabric batches by monitoring GSM.
  • Product Development: Tailor fabric specifications to meet the requirements of specific products or markets.
  • Cost Management: Optimize material usage and costs by selecting fabrics with the desired GSM.
  • Performance Evaluation: Evaluate fabric performance in terms of durability, thickness, and texture based on GSM.


Our Fabric GSM Calculator is a valuable tool for professionals in the textile industry, offering accuracy, convenience, and instant results. Whether you’re a manufacturer, designer, or enthusiast, empower your fabric-related endeavors with our easy-to-use calculator. Try it now and streamline your fabric GSM calculations today!