Button Consumption Calculator

The button Consumption Calculator simplifies the process of determining gross (G) and great gross (GG) quantities based on your input.

Button Calculator

Button Calculator

Button Consumption Formula:

  • 12 pcs = 1 Dozen
  • 12 Dozen = 12*12 =144 Pcs
  • 144 pcs = 1 Gross (G)
  • 12 Gross = 1 Great Gross (GG) = 12*12*12 = 1728pc
  • 1 GG = 1728 pcs 


Question: Per shirt has 6 button, total order quantity 3456 pcs, figure out total button quantity in GG?


Total buttons=6×3456=20736 buttons

Total buttons (in gross)=20736/144 ≈ 144 gross

Total buttons (in great gross)=144/12=12 great gross

So, the total button quantity in great gross is 12 great gross or 12×1728=20736 buttons.

How to Use the Button Consumption Calculator?

Enter the desired quantity of buttons into the designated field and click “Calculate.”

Button Consumption Calculator
Image of Different Types of Buttons

Instantly, the tool will display both gross (G) and great gross (GG) quantities, empowering you with precise information for your textile projects.

Application of the Button Consumption Calculator

The Button Consumption Calculator finds its application across various textile industries. From garment sewing to crafting, this tool ensures optimal resource utilization, minimizing waste and enhancing overall efficiency. Take control of your button inventory with confidence, courtesy of our user-friendly calculator.