Lycra Percentage Calculator

Lycra Calculator

Lycra Calculator


The formula for calculating Lycra percentage is derived from key parameters in textile manufacturing. By inputting machine diameter, machine gauge, yarn count, machine S.L, and Lycra C.M into the Lycra Percentage Calculator, you can quickly determine the percentage of Lycra in your fabric.

Fabric measurements
Image of Fabric measurements

How to Use the Lycra Percentage Calculator?

  1. Machine Details:
    • Enter the machine diameter and machine gauge used in your textile production process.
  2. Yarn Count:
    • Input the yarn count, a crucial factor in determining the composition of the fabric.
  3. Machine S.L and Lycra C.M:
    • Specify the machine S.L (Stitch Length) and Lycra C.M (Centimeters) used in your production.
  4. Click “Calculate Lycra Percentage”:
    • The Lycra Percentage Calculator will instantly provide you with the precise percentage of Lycra in your fabric.

Application of Lycra Percentage

The Lycra Percentage Calculator is a valuable tool for textile manufacturers and designers. It allows for accurate planning and optimization of fabric compositions, ensuring the desired level of stretch and comfort in the final product. Whether you are crafting sportswear, swimwear, or any stretchable garment, knowing the Lycra percentage is vital for achieving the desired performance and aesthetic qualities.

In conclusion, the Lycra Percentage Calculator simplifies the process of determining Lycra content in fabrics, offering convenience and accuracy in textile production. Explore its potential applications and elevate your fabric design and manufacturing processes.