Daily Line Target Calculator

The formula determines the Daily Line Target:

Daily Line Target = (Working Minute × Manpower × Efficiency)/SMV

This formula blends key elements like working minutes, manpower, efficiency, and standard minute value (SMV) to calculate the optimal production target for a day.

Daily Line Target Calculator

Daily Line Target Calculator

Daily Line Target:

Standard Parameter:

  • Working Minute/Hour: 600 Minute
  • Manpower: 35
  • Efficiency: 50%
  • SMV: 7.8
  • Daily Line Target: 1346

What is the Daily Line Target?

The Daily Line Target represents the ideal production volume a manufacturing line should achieve within a day.

Daily Line Target
Daily Line Target in Garments

It’s a pivotal metric, balancing the time, workforce, and efficiency factors to set realistic daily goals.

How to Use the Daily Line Target Calculator?

  1. Working Minute: Enter the total time available for production in minutes.
  2. Manpower: Specify the number of workers contributing to the production process.
  3. Efficiency (%): Input the efficiency percentage of the production line.
  4. https://textilecalculator.com/garments-floor-standard-time-calculator/SMV (Standard Minute Value): Enter the standard time required to produce a unit.
  5. Click “Calculate Daily Line Target“: Let the calculator generate the optimal daily production target.
  6. Click “Refresh”: Clear the form for a fresh calculation.

Application of Daily Line Target

Utilizing the Daily Line Target is pivotal in production planning. It aids businesses in optimizing resources, setting achievable daily goals, and enhancing overall operational efficiency. This metric empowers decision-makers to align production targets with available resources, ensuring a smoother and more productive manufacturing process.

In summary, the Daily Line Target is not just a metric; it’s a strategic tool that contributes to efficient production planning and management. Embrace the formula, leverage the calculator, and elevate your manufacturing capabilities.

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