Garment TEAM Production Target Calculator

The team production target in the garment industry can be calculated using the formula:

Garment TEAM Production Target =(60÷SMV)x Present operator x Organization efficiency.

Garment Team Production Target Calculator

Garment Team Production Target Calculator

What is the Garment Team Production Target?

The Garment Team Production Target represents the expected production output of a team in the garment industry.

Garment Team Production Target
Image of Garment Team

It is calculated based on the Standard Minute Value (SMV), the number of present operators, and the efficiency of the organization.

How do you use the Garment Team Production Target Calculator?

  1. Enter the Standard Minute Value (SMV) for the garment production process.
  2. Input the number of present operators in the team.
  3. Specify the organization’s efficiency as a percentage.
  4. Click on the “Calculate Team Target” button to obtain the team production target.

Application of Garment Team Production Target:

The Garment Team Production Target is a crucial metric for production planning and management in the garment industry. It helps in setting realistic production goals, optimizing workforce utilization, and ensuring efficient workflow. Manufacturers can use this metric to enhance team productivity, meet production targets, and maintain high standards of efficiency in garment production processes.

Optimize your garment manufacturing process with the Garment Team Production Target Calculator, designed to streamline team productivity and contribute to the success of your garment production endeavors.

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