Garments Loss Piece Calculator

Formula for Loss Pieces Calculation:

Garments Loss Piece = (60/SMV)x Available hours x avg factory effi (61%) -Q.C Pass

Garments Loss Piece Calculator

Garments Loss Piece Calculator

What are Loss Pieces?

Loss Pieces refer to the calculated quantity representing inefficiencies in garment production. This metric considers factors such as Standard Minute Value (SMV), available hours, average factory efficiency, and Quality Control (Q.C.) Pass to provide insights into production losses.

Garments Loss Piece Calculator

How to Use the Garments Loss Piece Calculator?

  1. Enter SMV: Input the Standard Minute Value for the garment in the designated field.
  2. Provide Available Hours: Specify the total available hours for production.
  3. Enter Average Factory Efficiency: Input the average factory efficiency as a decimal (e.g., 0.61 for 61%).
  4. Input Q.C. Pass: Specify the quantity of garments that passed quality control.
  5. Calculate Loss Pieces: Click on the “Calculate Loss Pieces” button to instantly compute the loss quantity.
  6. Refresh: Use the “Refresh” button to reset the form for a new calculation.

Application of Loss Pieces:

Our calculator finds application in optimizing garment production processes, identifying areas for improvement, and streamlining workflows. It assists production managers in minimizing losses and enhancing overall efficiency.

Experience the ease of loss piece calculation with our user-friendly Garments Loss Piece Calculator. Elevate your garment production efficiency today!

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