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Gauge to mm Calculator

Gauge to mm Calculator


How to calculate gauge to mm formula? To convert gauge to millimeters, you can use the following gauge to mm conversion formula:

Diameter (mm)=304.8 / Number of Gauge

This gauge to mm conversion formula is commonly used for wire gauges, where 304.8 is the conversion factor from inches to millimeters. The indicator represents the thickness of a material, and as the gauge number increases, the viscosity decreases.

Example: 14 gauge in millimeters is 21.77 mm.


8 gauge to mm38.10 mm
14 gauge to mm21.77 mm
16 gauge to mm19.05 mm
18 gauge to mm16.93 mm
28 gauge to mm10.89 mm
34 gauge to mm8.96 mm
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Gauge to Millimeter Calculator

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Gauge to Millimeter Calculator
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