Sweater Yarn Consumption Calculator

What is Sweater Yarn Consumption?

Sweater Yarn Consumption refers to the amount of yarn required to knit or crochet a sweater. It’s crucial to estimate accurately to avoid running out of yarn in the middle of a project.

Sweater Yarn Consumption Calculator

Sweater Yarn Consumption Calculator

The formula of Sweater Yarn Consumption Calculator

Sweater Yarn Consumption= yarn consumption dozen/12 X Quantity+10%(wastage)

How to Use the Sweater Yarn Consumption Calculator?

  1. Enter the length of your sweater in inches.
  2. Input the width of your sweater in inches.
  3. Provide the width of the yarn marker in inches.
  4. Click on the “Calculate” button to get the estimated yarn consumption per day.

The making process of a sweater is different from knit and woven garme since a sweater is not made from finished fabric. 

Sweater Yarn Consumption
Image of Sweater Yarn Consumption

There are two main kinds of sweaters: 

1. Full fashioning: Full fashioning is the process of making a sweater that is knitted in pieces by a knitting machine and the knitted pieces are assembled on a linking machine. 

2. Cut and sew: Cut-and-sew sweaters are knit in large panels cut out like a woven garment and sewn on a machine; this is what has most been used in the U.S. 

Sweater Yarn Consumption requirements

  • For sweater consumption, we have to make a sweater first in the middle size or the size containing the maximum quantity (if bigger than the middle size contains the maximum quantity). 
  • We have to consider the weight of that sweater as standard. 
  • Need to add wastage with the actual weight of 12pcs sweaters. 
  • The normal wastage percentage of Acrylic & Cotton is 6% to 8% and for Viscose, Spandex, Wool, etc. is 10% to 12%. 
  • If cutting wastage is more than usual, we have to add more than the usual as wastage. See the following yarn consumption sheet for a clear conception: 

Sweater Yarn Consumption Table 

                                      Yarn required per color
        Description    V-Neck L/S Sweater
          Yarn    100% Cotton 2/32
          GG        12 GG
      Color SwatchColor nameTotal Pcs.Lbs/DozWastageTotal yarn (Lbs)
True Black40009.510%3,483.33 Lbs
Lt. Grey Heather40009.510%3,483.33 Lbs
Grey heather40009.510%3,483.33 Lbs
Charcoal mix40009.510%3,483.33 Lbs
  Total13,933.33 Lbs
Table of Sweater Yarn Consumption

Sweater Yarn Consumtion 

  • The sweater’s color is white, the order quantity is 5000 pcs, yarn consumption in dozen 11.5 lbs. How many lbs. of yarn do you need for this order?


  • Formula =yarn consumption dozen / 12 x 5000 + 10% (wastage) 

                       =11.5 / 12 x 5000+ 10% 

                       = 5324 lbs. 

Sewing Thread Consumption Ratios 

Sewing thread/inch stitch for 16spi.

      Stitch Type  Ratio
Lock stitch2.5
Blind stitch4
Blind hem4
Zig Zag L/S7
2 TH O/L12
3 TH O/L14
4th O/L17.5
5th O/L20
Flat Lock32

Application of Sweater Yarn Consumption:

Our Sweater Yarn Consumption Calculator is a valuable tool for knitting and crocheting enthusiasts, fashion designers, and textile manufacturers. It helps them plan their projects more efficiently by providing accurate estimates of yarn requirements. Whether you’re working on a single sweater or a bulk order, our calculator simplifies the process, saving you time and ensuring you have the right amount of yarn on hand.