Garments Floor Booking Fabric Calculator (KG)

The formula for Fabric Booking Calculation:

Booking fabric K.G. = Order quantity / 12 x Fabric consumption per doz.

Fabric Booking Calculator (KG)

Fabric Booking Calculator (KG)

What is Fabric Booking?

Fabric booking is a crucial step in garment production, determining the quantity of fabric required for a specific order.

Fabric Booking
Image of Fabric Booking

The Garments Floor Booking Fabric Calculator streamlines this calculation, ensuring accurate fabric procurement.

How to Use the Garments Floor Booking Fabric Calculator?

  1. Enter Order Quantity: Input the total quantity of garments in the order.
  2. Provide Fabric Consumption per Dozen: Enter the fabric consumption required for a dozen garments.
  3. Click Calculate Fabric Booking: Press the “Calculate Fabric Booking” button to obtain the result.
  4. Refresh: Use the “Refresh” button to reset the form for a new calculation.

Application of Garments Floor Booking Fabric Calculator:

Our calculator is an invaluable tool for production and procurement teams. It facilitates precise fabric booking, optimizing material usage, and ensuring efficient garment manufacturing processes.

Elevate your fabric procurement with the Garments Floor Booking Fabric Calculator. Seamlessly integrate it into your workflow for accurate fabric booking and streamlined production planning!

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