Textile Auxiliaries Calculator

Precision in textile operations begins with accurate calculations. The Textile Auxiliaries Calculator employs the formula:

Required amount of solution (mls) = (g/l required × wt of substrate × LR) / (10 × concentration (%) of stock soln)

Textile Auxiliaries Calculator

Textile Auxiliaries Calculator

What is the Textile Auxiliaries Calculator?

The Textile Auxiliaries Calculator is a vital tool for textile professionals and enthusiasts.

Image of some Textile Auxiliaries
Image of some Textile Auxiliaries

It facilitates the precise calculation of the required amount of solution for auxiliaries (chemicals) based on specific parameters such as substrate weight, grams per liter required, liquor ratio (LR), and the concentration of the stock solution.

How to Use the Textile Auxiliaries Calculator:

  1. Input the weight of the substrate in grams.
  2. Specify the grams per liter required for the process.
  3. Enter the liquor ratio (LR).
  4. Provide the concentration of the stock solution in percentage.
  5. Click the “Calculate Auxiliaries” button to obtain the accurate amount of solution needed.

Application of the Textile Auxiliaries Calculator:

  • Manufacturing: Streamline chemical usage in large-scale textile production.
  • Research and Development: Ideal for testing and optimizing new auxiliaries formulations.
  • Education: Essential tool for students studying textile chemistry and processing.

Empower your textile operations with the Textile Auxiliaries Calculator, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in every step of your chemical application process. Simplify complex calculations and elevate your textile endeavors with this indispensable tool.

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