Fabric consumption Calculator (Inch)

Formula for Fabric Consumption (Inch):

Fabric consumption (Inch) = Length x chest x 2 x GSM / 1000 / 1550 x 12 + Wastage%

Fabric Consumption Calculator (Inch)

Fabric Consumption Calculator (Inch)

What is Fabric Consumption?

Fabric Consumption represents the amount of fabric required for garment production, considering factors like length, chest size, GSM (grams per square meter), and an added percentage for wastage. The Fabric Consumption Calculator ensures efficient fabric planning.

Fabric consumption Calculator (Inch)

How to Use the Fabric Consumption Calculator?

  1. Enter Length (Inch): Input the desired length of the garment in inches.
  2. Provide Chest (Inch): Enter the chest size of the garment in inches.
  3. Enter GSM: Input the grams per square meter (fabric weight).
  4. Enter Wastage (%): Specify the percentage of fabric to account for wastage.
  5. Click Calculate Fabric Consumption (Inch): Press the “Calculate Fabric Consumption (Inch)” button to obtain the result.
  6. Refresh: Use the “Refresh” button to reset the form for a new calculation.

Application of Fabric Consumption Calculator:

Our calculator is a valuable tool for garment designers and manufacturers. It aids in optimizing fabric usage, ensuring accurate planning, and minimizing wastage. Incorporate the Fabric Consumption_Calculator into your workflow for enhanced efficiency in fabric management.

Enhance your fabric planning with precision using the Fabric Consumption_Calculator. Seamlessly integrate it into your website for streamlined garment production processes!

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