SAM Calculator (Standard Allowed Minute Calculator)

The formula for SAM (Standard Allowed Minute):

Standard Allowed Minute= (Cycle Time*Opertaor Rating)+Allowance%

SAM Calculator

SAM Calculator

Calculate Germents SAM

A. Basic minute: 0.240

B. Bundle Allowances (10% of A): 0.024

C. Other Allowances (20% of A): 0.048

Operation SAM (A+B+C): 0.312 Minutes

What is SAM?

SAM stands for Standard Allowed Minute in short it is the Time allowed to do a particular task. Mostly it is measured in Minutes or Seconds.

It is used to measure the work content of a garment and then the work content for individual operations. Also, SAM is useful for costing purposes.

SAM Calculator (Standard Allowed Minute Calculator)

How to use the SAM Calculator?

  1. Enter the cycle time required for the task in the designated field.
  2. Input the operator rating, which reflects the skill level and efficiency of the worker, into the respective section.
  3. Specify the allowance percentage to account for factors such as fatigue, rest breaks, and process variations.
  4. Click on the “Calculate” button to obtain the Standard Allowed Minute (SAM) for the given parameters.

Application of SAM:

Standard Allowed Minute (SAM) is widely utilized in manufacturing, production planning, and time management in various industries. It serves as a crucial metric for determining production capacities, setting realistic production target, optimizing workflow efficiency, and establishing fair labor standards. SAM facilitates accurate planning, scheduling, and resource allocation, ultimately enhancing productivity and operational performance.