Yards of fabric for upholstery Calculator


The formula for calculating the required yardage of fabric for upholdstery is:

Total yards = (railroaded length + pattern repeat) ÷ fabric width
Fabric Yardage Calculator for for Upholstery

Fabric Yardage Calculator for Upholstery


For example, suppose you are upholstering a sofa that measures 84 inches long, 36 inches wide, and 36 inches high, and the fabric you choose has a pattern repeat of 18 inches and is 54 inches wide.

Railroaded length = (36 x 2) + 84 = 156 inches

Railroaded width = (36 x 2) + 36 = 108 inches

Total length = Railroaded length + pattern repeat = 156 + 18 = 174 inches

Total yards = (Total length ÷ fabric width) rounded up = 3.22 to 4 yards.

Therefore, you would need 4 yards of fabric to upholster the sofa.

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