Fabric Shrinkage Calculator

Shrinkage Calculator

Fabric shrinkage calculator

In Fabric Shrinkage Calculator, the formula for calculating shrinkage is typically expressed as a percentage.

Fabric Shrinkage Calculator
Calculate Shrinkage in Fabric

The shrinkage percentage indicates the amount by which a piece of fabric will shrink after washing or other forms of processing.

Shrinkage percentage formula

The shrinkage percentage formula is as follows:

Shrinkage Percentage = ((Initial Length – Final Length) / Initial Length) * 100

Here’s a breakdown of the variables used in the shrinkage calculation formula:

  • Initial Length: The length of the fabric before any processing or washing.
  • Final Length: The length of the fabric after processing or washing.

To calculate the shrinkage percentage, subtract the final length from the initial length, divide it by the initial length, and then multiply by 100 to express it as a percentage. This formula gives you the shrinkage percentage, indicating how much the fabric has shrunk.

How to Calculate Shrinkage in Fabric?

Fabric shrinkage can be determined using several techniques, each suited for different types of fabrics and purposes. Let’s dive into some of the most commonly used methods for calculating fabric shrinkage:

1. Pre-wash Method

The pre-wash method is a simple and effective way to measure fabric shrinkage. Follow these steps to calculate shrinkage using this method:

  1. Start by measuring the dimensions of the fabric before washing.
  2. Wash the fabric according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. After washing, allow the fabric to air-dry or tumble-dry as per your preference.
  4. Once the fabric is dry, measure its dimensions again.
  5. Calculate the shrinkage percentage using the formula:
    Shrinkage Percentage = ((Original Dimension – Final Dimension) / Original Dimension) x 100
    For example, if the original length of the fabric was 100 cm and the final length after washing is 95 cm, the shrinkage percentage would be:
    ((100 – 95) / 100) x 100 = 5%

2. Controlled Laboratory Testing

In certain cases where precise shrinkage values are required, controlled laboratory testing is conducted. This method involves subjecting the fabric to specific washing and drying conditions while closely monitoring its dimensional changes. The data obtained from these tests can provide accurate shrinkage values for a particular fabric under controlled circumstances.

3. Reference Testing

Reference testing involves comparing the shrinkage of fabric to a known reference fabric with minimal shrinkage. By measuring both fabrics before and after washing, the shrinkage percentage of the fabric in question can be determined. This method is especially useful when dealing with large batches of fabric, allowing for a quick and efficient assessment of shrinkage.

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