Garments Floor SMV Calculator

Garments Floor SMV Calculator

Garments Floor SMV Calculator

SMV calculation formula:

SMV = Basic time + Allowance time + bundle time.

SMV, or the Standard Minute Value has the most uses in the garment industry. Usually, Industrial engineers calculate this standard minute value. The value represents the indicator of the time required to make garments by the garment workers while using specific types of machinery. 

Although the standard minute value differs from garment to garment, the value shows an overall concern with the design, improvement, and integrated installation.

What is SMV Calculation?

The Standard Minute Value (SMV) calculation of a garment refers to the process of measuring standard minutes, time study, and calculating the value. Since industrial engineers measure this value, they mostly focus on increasing the productivity of manufacturing, eliminating non-value-added work, and ensuring the optimum use of scarce resources that bring out the perfect result in the garment industry.

What is SMV
SMV of Garments Floor

The SMV calculation in garments or the garment industry focuses on the cost of garments. Setting out the right target for calculation mostly depends on the Standard Minute Value (SMV). Besides, the calculation or the results reflect the efficiency of the workers.

SMV Calculation with Example

For instance, to make a garment product, the following assumptions are brought:

  • Observe time: 35 Minutes
  • Rating of operator: 80%
  • Allowance for Consideration: 10%
  • Basic Time Spent: 35 minutes x 80% = 28 minutes
  • Allowance: 28 x 10% = 2.8 minutes

So, the Standard Minute Value calculation Garments (A garments product) 

= 28 minutes + 2.8 minutes = 30.8 minutes 

How to Calculate Garment SMV?

Here is the formula for Standard Minutes Value(SMV) calculation method:

Standard Minute Value (SMV) = Basic time + Allocated Allowance     

Basic Time + Allocated Allowance = (Cycle Time x Rating) + (Bundle Allowances + machine and Personal Allowance)

Basic Time

Basic Time is equal to Observe Time x Rating Factor. It is the time that is required to make garments considering observed time and rating factors. 

Observed Time

Observe Time means the time taken to do a particular work while getting observed closely. It also includes the recording of the work speed of the worker. So, the Observe time calculation is equal to the total cycle time divided by the number of cycles.

Cycle Time

Cycle time here means the time between the start of garment manufacturing and the finish of the garment.

Rating Factor

Rating factor: The rating factor is based on the evaluation of the performance of a worker. The rating is prepared on a scale of 100% to lower. 

Costing SMV

It is the calculation to send the total Standard Minutes Value (SMV) information to buyers. So, 5% additional time gets added to the actual value of the SMV.

Costing SMV means Actual SMV+ (5% x Actual SMV)

Cost of Making (CM) by Standard Making Value

Here is the formula for measuring CM by SMV:

Cost/ Minute = (Costing of the total month)/ (Actual minute worked in the month)

N.B: Always consider the minute of the operator. Do not include lunch or other break.

Operator Minute= Number of Operators x Working hours per day x Working days

SMV Calculation Methods and Software

Calculating garment SMV is easier as there is SMV calculation software. Also, observing the time study method is a part of SMV calculation software. The available SMV calculation methods are:

  • The Time Study Method: Here, you can calculate the SMV method with the time study method. In this method, you have to measure the operation-wise SMV. The SMV of all operations in style gets added here. Here, the requirement is to capture the observed time of the selected operation, and the operator performance in the work, standard allowances for different machine types, bundle allowances, and contingency allowances. 
  • PMTS Software: It is another method to calculate SMV. You just need to learn motion codes, study real-life operators, and body movement. 

Motion codes required by SMV calculation software are:

Importance of SMV Calculator in Garment Industry

SMV (Standard Minute Value) measurement is necessary in the garment industry. There are reasons behind the SMV calculation being popular. The meaning of SMV in the garment industry shows the following reasons:

  1. SMV denotes the cost of labor for a particular garment.
  2. SMV results in the comparison of the efficiency of the production methods.
  3. With the SMV value, manufacturers ensure consistent quality standard production.
  4. Manufacturers usually use SMV to predict the productivity and efficiency of the worker.
  5. SMV results in comparing the cost of production and setting the production goals. 

The Garments Floor SMV Calculator streamlines this calculation for efficient production planning.

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